Sunday, June 12, 2005

I'm lost in hedgerows at night, the further I go the more I get lost. Till eventually I'm in a dead end of thorns and briers. Even the way I came is grown over. The hedge comes alive and a majestic woman rises up, she just keeps rising until she stands above me nearly 8 feet tall. Her body made of twisting vines and thorns, alive fighting each other to reach to the moonlight.
Indignantly she looks down at me and says:
"I am the Queen of Thorns"
At that same moment the branches around her head snap to attention and quickly form a magnificent crown and then just as quickly unravel to continue their mission pushing upward.
"I have a sister who is made of glass, you will meet her soon."
Then in slow motion her long fingers reached down on my shoulder. I noticed little details,like bugs moving in between the vines that made up her arm.
"She will cut also, but be gentle"
As her hand touched my shoulder I could feel the thorns.

I awoke to my cat, clawing into my shoulder.