Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Nekokaiju.com is finally coming. This is going to be an online portfolio of my work, with some surprises. It will be opening in the next week or two. I now have a new teaser up there and it takes less time than brewing a cup of tea to download.

The teaser is a photo of my favorite Gibson girl model. Doesn't everybody have a favorite Gibson girl model? You can read about Evelyn Nesbit here.
Sex, murder, and the supernatural.

Click the banner above or the thumbnail below, to see my new teaser.

So it's getting late in the summer and you still haven't planned your vacation?
how about the forgotten country of Molvania? Though unfortunately you've already missed the Spring Festival of the Eastern Steppes, where adolescent boys serenade mules. But there is always next year.

I hate the 80's.
Okay that's not true. I love the 80's. I'm just getting tired of all the retro comics like GiJoe, Thundercats, and the Transformers. None of these books are really challenging. The only reason I see bringing them back is to give a new slant to them, but instead they just tread old ground.
...Maybe they have better art than the originals, but that's about it.
Though now with all this retro madness, If your spaceship crashes on Thundarr Earth, you now have the definitive Thundercats map ...Snarff.

Remember the Shogun Warriors...now those guys were cool. Instead Hollywood has decided to do a live action Transformer movie. Oh well. If only it could be as cool as this guys
transforming VW Beetle.

I really do love the 80's ....honest.

Saturday, July 24, 2004


I really wish I could see Catwoman on the big screen. No not Halle Berry , that movie looks awful. But Orson Welles 1944 version of Batman. You never heard of it? Well neither had I. Because of an argument between Welles and the Studios it never got past preproduction and casting. Back in 2003 Mark Millar wrote about the never made film. Orson Welles was to star and direct as Batman, Marlene Dietrich as Catwoman and Basil Rathbone as the Joker. Shot in film noir black and white.
An amazing article
well worth the read, even has original 1944 concept art.

Sounds unbelievable? the thing is, it is unbelievable, yet another internet hoax.
Oh well a fanboy can dream...

Noriaki Yuasa the director of Gamera died this week. In Honor, no Godzilla image this entry, instead here is a Gamera pic

From the director of Spirited Away comes Howl’s Moving Castle. Check out the trailer.

Architect Frank Gehry has worked with MIT developing future cars,complete with a GPS like device that would tell you where empty parking spaces are.
Gehry cars

Speaking of cars check out the making of the new Audi/ Escher commercial
This has been making the rounds on various websites but is worth mentioning and seeing. CG used to mess with your perception of reality, subtly
Read the article here
And watch the commercial here
that way you don’t have to register for anything

Audi is getting a lot of exposure lately. The design of the future Audi in I’Robot is interesting, Though I thought the Lexus in Minority Report seemed more interesting

And no matter what you think of Hummer, you have to love the music they use. Well if you are a synthesizer geek, like me . Anyway, just found out they are using LFO "Freak" and Trabants "Enter Spacebar" for their commercials.
if anyone cares...

Recently I read about a guy that was getting a lot of complaints about the quality of his online comic strip. He basically said send me money and I can quit my day job and make this better. Through his Paypal account he got over $30,000. And guess what, he quit his day job. So...
I’m thinking of putting a Paypal donation button up here. If you donate more than $50, I’ll send you an original sketch of you favorite superhero, RPG character, whatever...Basically I’m begging for money. But I’m willing to compensate you for it. Anyone interested? Comments?

Oh almost forgot, Episode III title revealed today...I predicted this a long time ago.

hmm, these are getting too long. Okay I’m now updating twice a week,
See you Tuesday night.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Happy New Year

In both ancient Sumeria and Egypt, July 23 is the start of the new year
The Dog Days of Summer also began today, when Sirius the Dogstar rises from behind the sun.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Cthulhu Loves You

It suddenly dawned on me I never explained what I meant when I said I was working with this plushy guy.

I did some card designs for
Fantasy Flights Games new Call of Cthulhu collectible card game.
Look for it later this year.

Syndicate Agent

Pallid mask sketch

A lot has changed since Spidey saved those Hostess Pies. Superheroes are hot right now and are being used everywhere.
Thierry Muegler's new mens fragrance, is unfortunately jumping on this bandwagon. The new, the ugly, BMen ad.

And if you just happen to be in a French speaking country you may just see Superman warning you about

Wanted vinyl album. If you happen to see this record let me know.

This year is the 50th anniversary of Godzilla, I'm going to add random Godzilla pictures to my blog throughout the year. Enjoy!

This past week has been the week of bizarre rumors. Everyday there is another Superman movie rumor. But that's just the beginning. Most of these are from Variety:

VARIETY reports that Marvel Comics plans to adapt SPIDER-MAN into a Broadway stage musical. Already some very big names are being thrown around: Julie Taymor (who helmed the stage version of THE LION KING and directed TITUS and FRIDA) is interested in directing, while U2 would provide the music and Neil Jordan (INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE) would write the script

Michael Moore is being looked into for directing the 5th Harry Potter movie

And Jack Black is reportedly up for the role of the Green Lantern feature film.

I'll believe it when I see it.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

I want Ice Cream :-(

It's been stiffling hot in Richmond these days, too hot.
As I was writing this, the gentle sounds of an ice cream truck could be heard in the distance. I strained looking for him, but no signs of anyone transporting the frozen dairy goodness. Then out of the haze the truck appeared, brightly colored decals and soothing tones. I was going to get some ice cream. I ran out of my aparment, the drivers eyes locked on me, I waved my cash to entice. My mouth watered. What would I get? A frozen chocolate eclair? a chipwich? or the always patriotic red white and blue rocket popsicle?
Then the unthinkable happened, he turned away. He hadn't seen me at all. The truck sped off...the music echoing.
Childhood trauma, shouldn't happen when your 30 something.

Trying out something different.

Done in Photoshop.

I'm thinking of selling merch. Would anyone be interested in calendars, mousepads, lunchboxes, or t-shirts with your favorite Nekokaiju art on it?
leave me a comment to let me know, any ideas would be appreciated.

A long time ago I used to work at a restaurant called LaChapelle. Now with LaChapelle long ago out of business, who would have thought years later that that building would be used in a Ben Burtt movie( The Ben Burrt, Star Wars sound designer). My six degrees to George Lucas just got a little closer. Click below to see how the building was used. One of these days I'm going to own that old church.

Technology and art combine in the oddest ways. Check out the
Phonecam art exhibit

Over at Pulse they have a preview of David Mack's new Kabuki comic coming out July 21st. Beautiful pages

There seems to be a new trend in using small little flash games to promote new albums coming out. Belle&Sebastian has this fun game with a book worm chewing on books. Great for wasting time, not great if your in an internet cafe paying for time.
Wrapped up in Books
Polyphonic Spree also has a flash game, looks like something I've played before, but is delightfully surrealistic.
Quest for the Rest

I recently saw SkinnyPuppy live. An amazing show.
East Bay Express has an interview article that has the most concise history of the band I've seen and still not leave anything out. Worth the read. Even if your not a fan of the pup.

One can only imagine what a Skinny Puppy flash game would look like. I think after a while the visuals would get to you. Gnawing at your brain.

okay that's enough for today....I'm going to get ice cream.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

I'm back

As was explained earlier, my computer problems overwhelmed me.
And anyone who knows me personally, is aware my personal life has been quite overwhelming also. But I'm back! And the new improved Nekokaiju Studios blog, now has comments! So please leave me a note here and there.(All you have to do is click the date below the post and then scroll down and leave a comment) Also I'm going to have the promised weekly updates....gasp. I know I've promised this before, but with preparing for Dragon*Con and several major projects on the horizon, there is plenty to talk about and many new sketches to be seen.

I'm now also working at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. It's nice to be closer to art. I am constantly inspired. Overwhelming also, but in a good way. I've added the VMFA's link over to the right, to show you where I now work. A coworker there introduced me to the art of Bertha Lum. She was the leading American Japonisme artist of the early 1900's. How I had missed her before, I don't know. Be sure to look her up, amazing prints.
Geisha sketch: Bertha Lum inspired.

This morning before work, I got to see the Wimbledon match between Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova. It's around this time of year I realize how much I enjoy tennis. Sad I don't remember the rest of the year and actually get out and play.But I'm sure tonight I'll run some old MAME tennis games and get an intense finger/keyboard workout.
It's very exciting watching an up and coming star, Sharapova was amazing, someone who actually lives up to the hype. I had heard in the Australian Open she was asked to tone down her moans and groans when she hits the ball. There was no toning down in Wimbledon. So cool to see so much effort rewarded. And so young. It's sad the day you realize most professional sports players are younger than your are. Unfortunately that day came long ago for me.

(edit July 4th/ Just saw the Roddick and Federer finals. Just incredible)