Saturday, July 10, 2004

I want Ice Cream :-(

It's been stiffling hot in Richmond these days, too hot.
As I was writing this, the gentle sounds of an ice cream truck could be heard in the distance. I strained looking for him, but no signs of anyone transporting the frozen dairy goodness. Then out of the haze the truck appeared, brightly colored decals and soothing tones. I was going to get some ice cream. I ran out of my aparment, the drivers eyes locked on me, I waved my cash to entice. My mouth watered. What would I get? A frozen chocolate eclair? a chipwich? or the always patriotic red white and blue rocket popsicle?
Then the unthinkable happened, he turned away. He hadn't seen me at all. The truck sped off...the music echoing.
Childhood trauma, shouldn't happen when your 30 something.

Trying out something different.

Done in Photoshop.

I'm thinking of selling merch. Would anyone be interested in calendars, mousepads, lunchboxes, or t-shirts with your favorite Nekokaiju art on it?
leave me a comment to let me know, any ideas would be appreciated.

A long time ago I used to work at a restaurant called LaChapelle. Now with LaChapelle long ago out of business, who would have thought years later that that building would be used in a Ben Burtt movie( The Ben Burrt, Star Wars sound designer). My six degrees to George Lucas just got a little closer. Click below to see how the building was used. One of these days I'm going to own that old church.

Technology and art combine in the oddest ways. Check out the
Phonecam art exhibit

Over at Pulse they have a preview of David Mack's new Kabuki comic coming out July 21st. Beautiful pages

There seems to be a new trend in using small little flash games to promote new albums coming out. Belle&Sebastian has this fun game with a book worm chewing on books. Great for wasting time, not great if your in an internet cafe paying for time.
Wrapped up in Books
Polyphonic Spree also has a flash game, looks like something I've played before, but is delightfully surrealistic.
Quest for the Rest

I recently saw SkinnyPuppy live. An amazing show.
East Bay Express has an interview article that has the most concise history of the band I've seen and still not leave anything out. Worth the read. Even if your not a fan of the pup.

One can only imagine what a Skinny Puppy flash game would look like. I think after a while the visuals would get to you. Gnawing at your brain.

okay that's enough for today....I'm going to get ice cream.


Anonymous said...

I'd buy a shirt!

Anonymous said...

Did you see my lj where James Early Jones likes Koi and has a house in Leesburg? No. Va is evil, I tell ya...


(I'm currently stalking fish stores in Leesburg.)

Anonymous said...

Will you have baby-doll t-shirts? Will they only come in black?

Any blog that mentions the Polyphonic Spree is a blog I can love. (I preordered their new album. It should be waiting for me when I get home).