Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Nekokaiju.com is finally coming. This is going to be an online portfolio of my work, with some surprises. It will be opening in the next week or two. I now have a new teaser up there and it takes less time than brewing a cup of tea to download.

The teaser is a photo of my favorite Gibson girl model. Doesn't everybody have a favorite Gibson girl model? You can read about Evelyn Nesbit here.
Sex, murder, and the supernatural.

Click the banner above or the thumbnail below, to see my new teaser.

So it's getting late in the summer and you still haven't planned your vacation?
how about the forgotten country of Molvania? Though unfortunately you've already missed the Spring Festival of the Eastern Steppes, where adolescent boys serenade mules. But there is always next year.

I hate the 80's.
Okay that's not true. I love the 80's. I'm just getting tired of all the retro comics like GiJoe, Thundercats, and the Transformers. None of these books are really challenging. The only reason I see bringing them back is to give a new slant to them, but instead they just tread old ground.
...Maybe they have better art than the originals, but that's about it.
Though now with all this retro madness, If your spaceship crashes on Thundarr Earth, you now have the definitive Thundercats map ...Snarff.

Remember the Shogun Warriors...now those guys were cool. Instead Hollywood has decided to do a live action Transformer movie. Oh well. If only it could be as cool as this guys
transforming VW Beetle.

I really do love the 80's ....honest.

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