Friday, December 24, 2004

Life can be difficult.

No Christmas cards this year from me.
A collection of Edward Gorey Chritmas cards.


Sunday, December 12, 2004

As some of you know, lately I have been riding a lot on my 1949 Schwinn. Often these early morning bicycle excursions are filled with things I would never see driving around Richmond. My new favourite sight is a white plastic bag that has been caught high up in the branches of a tree.
At first glance though it looks more like a wedding dress. And each day the tree bride's dress becomes more and more tattered. Their love weathering, birds making nests, winds and storms
Okay, not sure why I told you about that.

I've been reading the Lemony Snicket books lately. Each one gets better and better. Or should I say miserable and miserabler.
A weird compulsive order that I've developed is I have to create bookmarks for every book I read. Make that a disorder. Often books I have, don't get read because I don't feel like drawing up a bookmark. But Snicket is an exception and I've already created two bookmarks...I'll need to stop myself before I create all eleven.
Here is the first one....Count Olaf from the Reptile Room.

And yes it is a lot like my myspace picture, last post.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

A little housekeeping, (A little boring)
First off, I've been having trouble with modems, email etc.
My former email of is no longer valid, so please contact me at the gmail address up above.
Also for some reason email is currently down so please email me again at if you have emailed recently...Blah.

I forgot to mention this when it came out, but the Fantasy Flight booster packs for the Call of Cthulhu game shipped in November. So if you feel like owning a piece of my art in card form, then pick up a pack of Unspeakable Tales from your local games shop. Maybe you'll get lucky and get one of my images. I'll have some scans up soon. I have heard that some people collect cards with the artist's signature on it, so just email me about it and I'll give you the details on signing cards. (yes email me at also.)

Been pretty busy lately. I did some coupon designs for the museum and am working on some coat of arms projects.

Here is a little photo manipulation I did for my myspace entry,

And here is a Greek/ Victorian commission I did. Yes very Alma Tadema, Goodward inspired.

So Godzilla turns 50 this year,I really should have mentioned this before on the blog. Hmmm, maybe I did.
Anyway just the other day the big green guy got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, joining the alumni of Gipsy Rose Lee, Mickey Mouse, Fay Ray, Boris Karloff, Michael Jackson and Claudette Colbert. I real high point for Kaiju everywhere.

But at the same time Godzilla has hit one of his lowest points in his career. Just the other day I saw a commercial of him hawking Immodium D. Oh how far the mighty have fallen, from titantic battling of the Smog monster to fighting the mundane battles of loose stool.