Sunday, August 01, 2004


It's alive.
So about a month ago, I came across this article (no longer available) on an unknown creature spotted in North Carolina. Oddly I had seen something like it in Northern Virgina about 2 years ago. I assumed it was just a large sick fox. But there was something fishy about the photograph in the article. It looked manipulated, a poor job at photoshop, even the shadow seemed wrong. Curious I made this image in photoshop, just to see if it could be done.

I was convinced it was just a hoax.
But now I'm not so sure
The other day, a video showed up on a Baltimore news channel, it showed a similiar looking creature walking around. Looks a little different but close. You can check it out
Sure looks like an unknown creature is roaming the east out.

Last night at 1:00am, my bedroom filled with red flashing lights, the sounds of a firetruck just right outside my apartment. I layed there wondering. And my mind went something like this "Is my apartment on fire?...perhaps I should get up...nah I'm too tired, Okay I'm going to burn because I'm tired. hmm, I better get up, I don't want a tombstone to say, he just didn't feel like getting up so he never did again"

So I rush putting on my clothes and run out the apartment, A fireman was standing there. "Excuse me officer is there a problem?" his response, "nah just checking the lights"....


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