Friday, August 13, 2004

The Abandoned: Sith War

Just watched the Olympic opening ceremonies, beautiful.
I want a centaur costume.

Right now I'm at a fun part in designing
Currently I'm going through old art and projects, deciding
what I want to include on the site. Thought you might want
to see some of the projects that didn't make the cut.

Back in 2002 I was excited about the buzz around the upcoming adventure game Knights Of The Old Republic. I loved the idea of creating designs that looked like antiquity in the Star Wars Universe. But even more I wanted to create a free fan game based on those designs. With limited programming knowledge, I knew I had a huge project ahead of me. I decided to do a prequel to KOTOR, knowing that if KOTOR was successful they would probably do a sequel.(Though in the Star Wars universe, you can never know for sure) As I started doing research, I also thought it would be fun to have the prequel look like it was made long ago, a retro game based on the engine of the old Nintendo Final Fantasy games. This also had other benefits, less of a learning curve and pixelly images with less detail all added up to what I thought would be less time to develop the project. I was wrong, it was a massive undertaking I just didn't have time to finish. But who knows maybe sometime in the future. I'm already teaching myself the Adventure Game Studio for an interactive portfolio concept and this was a very educational experience in learning coding etc... My days of game creating may not be over.

Below is a screenshot of a battle scene on the Wookie homeworld and animated sprites of the game that never was
Of course all Star Wars and related images are the property of Lucasfilm.

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