Saturday, July 24, 2004


I really wish I could see Catwoman on the big screen. No not Halle Berry , that movie looks awful. But Orson Welles 1944 version of Batman. You never heard of it? Well neither had I. Because of an argument between Welles and the Studios it never got past preproduction and casting. Back in 2003 Mark Millar wrote about the never made film. Orson Welles was to star and direct as Batman, Marlene Dietrich as Catwoman and Basil Rathbone as the Joker. Shot in film noir black and white.
An amazing article
well worth the read, even has original 1944 concept art.

Sounds unbelievable? the thing is, it is unbelievable, yet another internet hoax.
Oh well a fanboy can dream...

Noriaki Yuasa the director of Gamera died this week. In Honor, no Godzilla image this entry, instead here is a Gamera pic

From the director of Spirited Away comes Howl’s Moving Castle. Check out the trailer.

Architect Frank Gehry has worked with MIT developing future cars,complete with a GPS like device that would tell you where empty parking spaces are.
Gehry cars

Speaking of cars check out the making of the new Audi/ Escher commercial
This has been making the rounds on various websites but is worth mentioning and seeing. CG used to mess with your perception of reality, subtly
Read the article here
And watch the commercial here
that way you don’t have to register for anything

Audi is getting a lot of exposure lately. The design of the future Audi in I’Robot is interesting, Though I thought the Lexus in Minority Report seemed more interesting

And no matter what you think of Hummer, you have to love the music they use. Well if you are a synthesizer geek, like me . Anyway, just found out they are using LFO "Freak" and Trabants "Enter Spacebar" for their commercials.
if anyone cares...

Recently I read about a guy that was getting a lot of complaints about the quality of his online comic strip. He basically said send me money and I can quit my day job and make this better. Through his Paypal account he got over $30,000. And guess what, he quit his day job. So...
I’m thinking of putting a Paypal donation button up here. If you donate more than $50, I’ll send you an original sketch of you favorite superhero, RPG character, whatever...Basically I’m begging for money. But I’m willing to compensate you for it. Anyone interested? Comments?

Oh almost forgot, Episode III title revealed today...I predicted this a long time ago.

hmm, these are getting too long. Okay I’m now updating twice a week,
See you Tuesday night.

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