Saturday, July 03, 2004

I'm back

As was explained earlier, my computer problems overwhelmed me.
And anyone who knows me personally, is aware my personal life has been quite overwhelming also. But I'm back! And the new improved Nekokaiju Studios blog, now has comments! So please leave me a note here and there.(All you have to do is click the date below the post and then scroll down and leave a comment) Also I'm going to have the promised weekly updates....gasp. I know I've promised this before, but with preparing for Dragon*Con and several major projects on the horizon, there is plenty to talk about and many new sketches to be seen.

I'm now also working at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. It's nice to be closer to art. I am constantly inspired. Overwhelming also, but in a good way. I've added the VMFA's link over to the right, to show you where I now work. A coworker there introduced me to the art of Bertha Lum. She was the leading American Japonisme artist of the early 1900's. How I had missed her before, I don't know. Be sure to look her up, amazing prints.
Geisha sketch: Bertha Lum inspired.

This morning before work, I got to see the Wimbledon match between Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova. It's around this time of year I realize how much I enjoy tennis. Sad I don't remember the rest of the year and actually get out and play.But I'm sure tonight I'll run some old MAME tennis games and get an intense finger/keyboard workout.
It's very exciting watching an up and coming star, Sharapova was amazing, someone who actually lives up to the hype. I had heard in the Australian Open she was asked to tone down her moans and groans when she hits the ball. There was no toning down in Wimbledon. So cool to see so much effort rewarded. And so young. It's sad the day you realize most professional sports players are younger than your are. Unfortunately that day came long ago for me.

(edit July 4th/ Just saw the Roddick and Federer finals. Just incredible)


Anonymous said...

nice Geisha!

Anonymous said...

Yay for updates!

Anonymous said...

You got a job at the museum??? Good for you! I'm jealous. : )

-- Amy