Sunday, January 18, 2009


Keith said...

Hi Paul, wow...Aurra sure has changed from your sketch you drew for me all those years ago. I love what you did with that. Congrats on your profile.

SDM said...

Masterful work, Paul!

Paul Allan Ballard said...

Thanks Keith!

I have come along a bit since that early Aurra. Hopefully you still like that old drawing ;)

And thanks SDM

Keith said...

I sure do. It's sitting next to two other original pieces. :)

The on the far right was drawn for me by Karen Hinson who's been profiled over at Her work since she drew that in 2002 has skyrocketed too. The piece in the middle I had drawn at C3 by Adam Hughes. I so love all three. They're displayed in my living room for all to see. :)

I've also had a "family portrait) recently done (but not yet framed) by Sherri DuPre of the band Eisley (yep huge Star Wars fans - and also profiled on

She's done a lot of cool artwork which you can find on that thread above and on her flickr page. She also drew the latest Eisley album artwork.

Curious, do you still have that sketch of Epani Tesh (that roleplaying/SWG character I created) that you drew for me?

I've only got this small tiny scan of it.

Your new artwork is just incredible. When this recession is over I would love to commission another piece from you.