Monday, July 07, 2003

Ignore the previous posts… This Blog is now open.

So creating a website is sort of like moving into an apartment.
It takes awhile to get used to it, many sleepless nights. And you are always thinking about all the pictures you need to get up. I find myself rearranging things, never being satisfied. To make things worse this is a free site, kinda like a rental. You can’t paint the walls red, and the rental company gets mad if you start to build a grotto on the back porch. But you settle in and make the best of it, even if your neighbors think you are crazy and nobody comes and visits. To make things more complicated I have an addition, a place I’ll try not to neglect. I wanted this online journal to give you (who are you?) a view in how a starting illustrator begins his career. I’m not sure how exciting it will be, but I promise, to the faithful that return, at least one exclusive sketch a week. I’ll also have updates on all my projects and I’m sure random rambling about my cat, music, internet links and life in general. I’ll try to avoid the typical, “It's July7th and my life sucks” posts.

So what Projects are coming up?

-The big thing is preparing my full portfolio for DragonCon in August. I want this site to have all it’s links working and be my calling card for companies.
-The Tarot Project (I’ll talk about this soon)
-Neko Kaiju Studios, My self publishing venture coming Halloween 2004
-Various Freelance work (details coming soon)
- And more that I can’t think about right now, but you’ll hear about it first here.

Well that’s it, my first official post on the Sketch Journal. I know you are thinking, “hey where’s my sketch?”
Stay tuned… Every Sunday night.

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