Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Just a couple of things....

Well, I didn't realize it was a cliche, but this guy is one of the reasons I got interested in modern
graphic design.
Check out this interesting interview with Steven R. Gilmore over at XLR8R magazine. Lots of little tidbits about the beginnings of Nettwerk Records, I mean who would of thought that my grandfather and Cevin Key have something in common.... they both worked at Safeway.

SRG Interview

And while you are at it, visit Steven's site and see his amazing visuals .

Also if you haven't already, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. It has a small blurb on probably my most anticipated upcoming movie (yes, perhaps even more anticipated than Episode III, sacrilege I know)
Mirror Mask, coming from those fine folks at Jim Henson Productions.
Written by Neil Gaiman, directed by Dave Mckean....really, enough said.

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