Sunday, August 31, 2003

The second day of Dragon*Con began with a voice over the intercom
"Will the large green creature by the doorway please move his tail out of the flow of traffic"
The surrealism was just beginning. Shortly there after a biker gang of Klingons on Harleys rode by, their biker babes, showing off their saggital crests, some must have had implants.
Then marching down the road, in cadence, a squad of Cobra commandos. Ready to kick some Gi-Joe butt. It made me wonder about the pc-ness of reenacting a terrorism group, no matter how fictional, but boy did they look cool! So I guess that's what really cancels out any political conflicts...fascist fashion.
Then it was back to work, meeting with art directors. All very positive. Very exciting. Even my White Wolf portfolio review went well, despite me being very nervous, waiting in a line with many others struggling to break in.
I also ran into some people that post on the forums, nice to put some faces to the names.
The rest of the day consisted of the usual, showing my portfolio, having conversations with Barbie Jedi, and the hilarious Mr. Star Wars contest(with it's wonderful judges). Yup, the usual.

oh by the way, It was cool meeting you Smitty. send me an email some time.

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