Friday, August 29, 2003

Well the first day of Dragon*Con is upon us. It started out by sharing an elevator with David Carradine. In complete silence. All I could think of saying was something about grasshoppers. Fortunately, I held my tongue.
And then off to show my portfolio. Lots of positive coments...
Lots of potential future jobs. An extremely productive day. I waited in line to see and thank Larry Elmore for all the years of enjoying his art for Dungeons &Dragons and beyond. After telling him how he's influenced me and all the fantasies of dragons he helped create in my mind, he basically told me to shut up and show him my art (though this was said very politely)
I obliged and then he proceeded to compliment me on my images.He liked my dragon, my female pilot, but was floored by my Salome piece. For a fanboy, who grew up looking at his art since he was ten years old, it doesn't get much better than that.
The rest of the day was great also. Met Brom, what a nice guy.
Greg Horn, who does digital work for Marvel, was impressed on how organic my work looks
and talked to Dan Brereton about Nightmare Before Christmas.

Other than the girls in latex school outfits and acccidentally bumping into Lou Ferrigno and worried about geting him angry, not much else happened. But it was a good day. Now it's off to see Voltaire...

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