Friday, September 24, 2004

DragonCon part 2

Well this just in, I made Star Bantha Tracks a second time! This for the Mr. Star Wars contest...even got my name in there with the picture.
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I made these Revenge of the Bith stickers to hand out to people just for fun. After an interesting talk with X-wing author Michael Stackpole, I gave him one and he seemed practically giddy. Turns out he has a scrapbook of weird Star Wars things from his journeys and this was going in it. I would love to see that scrapbook.

Well there is a disturbing trend in Star Wars costuming that was very evident at DragonCon this year, Click for large image.

Great wookie costume and yes that is Jango on a scooter next to psuedo-Lucas

Yet even more DragonCon Tales and pictures tomorrow

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