Thursday, September 23, 2004


Well I got sick and really didn't get to talk much about DragonCon this year, so here is a little recap.
Unlike past years there weren't as many art directors there. The convention seemed smaller, but with more people. I learned I need to get more black and white images in my portfolio and possibly some pirates. Voltaire really liked my portfolio and the ChiChian sketch I made for him. Who knows perhaps I'll work on his RPG in the future or something. The surrealism seemed less intense this year, maybe one does get used to riding with elves and superheroes on the elevator. So when you get talked into trying out for Mr. Star Wars it almost seems normal. Almost.
Mr. Star Wars is great fun. Basically Star Wars improv meets a pageant. Very funny. Except when you are the one in the spotlight trying to be funny on demand, on your knees, as an ewok.

But apparently I enticed some of the judges with tales of my Japanese SW condoms, unopened, still in their original packaging, because I received the Scruffy Nerf Herder Rogue award...I do look scruffy looking.

Here are the winners of the Masquerade, Dr. T's band from the Muppets, amazing costumes.

Here is me with a Radar look alike, unfortunately we seem to be posing for different cameras....Whatever I'm looking at, I seem happy.

And here is my first appearance on Star It was for a Star Wars panel and the head of Bantha Tracks took this picture of the audience. I'm the one in the far back row with the black shirt...Okay really I'm so far back I'm about 2 pixels...But I know I'm there. So now I can say I've been on Star, maybe soon I'll have artwork there...more than 2 pixels worth.

More DragonCon tales and pictures tomorrow.

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