Friday, November 05, 2004

A Good Day

One of the benefits of renting is it forces you to go to the local laundromat. A coin operated nirvana of entertainment. My particular laundromat is decorated with beach scene wallpaper, so you can drift away in your imagination to the outer banks with the background hum of washing machines and the sounds of the Samurai Showdown arcade game (Blood curdling screams and Japanese music).

All the machines are Speed Queens, I like to think of them as the royalty of washing machines as opposed to really fast crossdressers.

So I am surrounded by female monarchy, but the true Queen of the automatons is the Bride of Pin-Bot pinball machine. She beckons with a digitzed voice calling out to give her life. The machine is an incredibly sexist creation, Your goal to shoot your ball into her mouth to give her speech and then into her eyes to give her sight. The graphics consisting of a rocket between her mechanical thighs. All the while she laughs or encourages you. This particular machine is worn from years of use and machine love.

So that is the place I was going to this morning. As I walk across the street a car pulls up on the sidewalk. An old man gets out and as I watch what he's doing, half his car blocking the walkway, he gives me a dirty look and walks away. An amazing parking job and I get the dirty look. I go in and and precede to load my clothes. On the radio is the elusive Richmond 80's radio station. The one I can't pick up in my car but the laundromat picks up perfectly. Eye of the Tiger comes on and the Bride of PinBot calls. Amazingly on one play I get the high score and on 50 cents I play until my clothes need to go in the dryer. A high score and I hear safety dance, it's amazing the small things that make you happy.

So the new trailer is out.
Yes the trailer for Dawn of War Another fine short by those folks at Blur Studios (If you haven't already, download the Rockfish video a few posts back)This time it's the game intro to a Warhammer 40K game. Generally my experience with Warhammer is the annoying Games Workshop employees jumping on you as soon as you enter the store. It's like some cult of red shirted fantasy players. But this video will sell you on 40K more than any of those devotees. The animated Dreadnought will make you want to form an army and go out and get those orcs. A great short.

Of course another trailer came out yesterday...Yeah that one.
Here is a sticker giveaway I designed for those wacky Atlanta Star Wars fans.

And mmmm, Lava Berry Explosion Pop-Tarts

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