Monday, October 25, 2004

A Dream last night

I'm walking in a pine forest. In the distance are houses all painted black, black shutters, black siding, black doors, and black windows.
The ground is covered with dry brownish reddish pine needles. It's very silent.
I walk through the forest till I come across a strange striped cat climbing a tree, she looks at me and seems to smile. I realize she's moving towards a nest. I try to shoo her away trying to save the chicks or eggs that have been left in the nest. The cat ignores me. Climbing higher. I hesitate. Not sure if this is the natural order of things, perhaps I should not get involved. It's still eerily quiet. I decide to stop the cat. Just then she gets the nest down. I walk over slowly not want to see the carnage of the baby birds but still compelled. And then I see in the nest the cat holding her kitten in her mouth. The nest filled with her litter, pecked to death.

I woke up crying.

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