Saturday, October 30, 2004

So last night I went to the Halloween event at the museum. It's the kind of event you need to have a date and a drink. I had neither. Seeing a Hindu Goddess, Poe and the Raven, Cleopatra, the usual suspects of cheerleaders, devils, and zombies was a surreal experience as they roamed the halls past the paintings of Warhol and Monet.
It was nice that at least 80 percent of the attendees were in costume.
Also nice that many of the costumes were art related. Everything from a Tiffany lamp to Frida Kahlo with mandatory uni-brow. A Georgia O'Keefe painting, an Anubis statue, and even a Caligula. Next year I'm going to have to get a group together to go...and have a drink.

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